Artist Accelerator

20+ hours of Step-by-step training
Scripts (That allow you to get things done the way you want)
2 hour Bi-weekly Group Call
Mentorship community + Dedicated Coach
Annual Gala in Chicago to celebrate your achievements
Network with music industry leaders

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When You join Artist Accelerator You

Get Full And Immediate Access To:

20+ hours of Step-by-Step Training ($997 Value)

Over the span of 20+ hours of Artist Accelerator we learn how to self- discover current pain points, how to reciprocate your current brand problems, how to brand and market ourselves in a way where we see the high return in results and have more money in our pockets. We build systems in place where early stage and upcoming artists can make money in the side to fund the process of growing and have cash to invest and ultimately we close the course by understanding the Methodology of "Industry Supremacy" which allows you to get anything done the way you want, network with anyone you want and work with anyone you please to move forward in the industry while capturing attention!  

Scripts, Templates, Contracts and more ($397 Value)

These are the very scripts that allowed me to close deals with several people in the music industry, network on "steroids", help my clients (artists) get featured on songs with musicians they look up to, other scripts help them put money in their pockets because of the brand authority and position. There's plenty more! I'd leave the rest for you to discover!

Bi-Weekly Live and Q&A Call with Jayson Dombele (Value $200)

Jayson Dombele usually charges $100- $150 per hour for 1 on 1 help. With Artist Accelerator you have the opportunity to get on a call with Jayson every single week for two hours and ask any question you want on the Bi-weekly Zoom Calls! You are getting a total of $400-$600+ per month in coaching alone

Private Mastermind Group (Value $397)

Because I was fortunate enough to understand the value of building a brand from the moment I got into the business industry I have the opportunity to utilize my network (industry leaders) and bring them in on my behalf  to teach you on live sessions and video recording along with answering any questions you have along with being able to directly connect with you and become a resource! (*Remember always exchange value don't use others - people can figure that out when you do)

Annual Chicago Gala

(Value $897)

As a community member of Artist Accelerator you will have the opportunity to participate and get free tickets to our end-of-the-year Gala where we would have the opportunity to connect with all members, enjoy a high class dinner and host an award ceremony for achievements artists and producers made within our program. (*Awards & how to achieve them are listed inside the program)

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