Afro X Accelerator

Our Mission
Our accelerator is focused on empowering African American entrepreneurs and other minority groups start and build the next profitable startup/business/venture.
What we do
With years of experience around branding, marketing, sales, customer service, and social media delivery we will be working with selected business owners in our cohorts every day for two consecutive years to make sure they have a product or service that would obtain recurring customers but also set the company's quarterly reports moving up profit charts.
Not all companies have the funding or cash to pay marketing agencies, consulting agencies or other high ticket services. And, not every entrepreneur wants to take out a bank loan or go through the process of creating pitch decks for investors.
At the Afro X Accelerator we cut the long and painful process out of the business plan.
Depending on where your business is currently at we only take 2% - 10% equity of the company while providing services that costs tens of thousands of dollars.
What type of businesses do you work with?
We work with any startup, small or medium sized business (U.S Based Only) that is looking to take their business to the next level, both with authority (as of brand) and financially.
Any other benefits?
Yes, there is much more! You get personal sessions with our team revolving around the work we doing with you and you get an opportunity to ask questions regards to your business growth, you get connected with innovative leaders from your industry, business get attention from media platforms ABC, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc , connect with other entrepreneurs and get their business insights, join us in innovative events and learn how you can elevate your business beyond accelerator.
How do I join Afro X Accelerator?
We got a form we'd need you to fill out that would allow us to know much more about your business and how we can serve to best of our potential and if you the right fit we will contact you within 2-14 days!
What's the official start date?
Monday, January 6, 2020
Companies we worked with:
Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 9.33.03 PM.png
And many others!